Accelerated OPC Workshop

The Accelerated OPC Workshop is ideal for people who need to learn about OPC but have time and budget constraints.

Students cover 4 distinct courses in a shortened time-frame of 1 week.


  • OPC Classic and OPC UA specifications
  • OPC Security
  • Firewall configuration
  • Confguring OPC Ports
  • OPC Tunneling with VPN
  • And many hands-on exercises…


  • Microsoft Windows and basic computer use
  • An understanding of automation requirements
  • No previous OPC experience is expected


OPCTI provide the following during training:

  • Dedicated use of a computer for the duration of the course
  • Level 1: OPC and DCOM Diagnostics resource workbook
  • Level 2: OPC Security resource workbook
  • Level 3: OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) resource workbook
  • Level 4: Advanced OPC Projects resource workbook
  • Certified OPC Professional Level 1- 4 Certificates (upon successful completion)
  • Refreshments

Learning Environment:

Each student receives their own dedicated computer for the duration of the course so they can complete all the exercises on their own. Students are also permitted to bring their own laptops. OPCTI provides all the necessary software licenses. The software used is from various vendors to expose students to a variety of solutions and ensure a vendor-neutral message.

Course Length: 40 hours

Contact us now if you have a requirement for OPC training. Or call Ann in Admin on +44 207 193 8018