Certified PROFIBUS System Design

An intense course with advance textbook and online preparation covering the optimal design of networked automation and control systems. Centred on PROFIBUS technology, but also covering the use of PROFINET, AS-i, HART, 4-20 mA and IO-Link technologies.

This course has now been accredited by PI and is already recognised by many companies as the minimum requirement for PROFIBUS system designers and those that are associated with PROFIBUS system specification, design and procurement at a technical level.

The course features a substantial amount of on-line tuition and exams together with a practical design project, all intended to be undertaken over the 2 weeks preceding actual attendance at the Training Centre.

The need for this course

Good quality PROFIBUS, PROFINET and AS-i training has been widely available for installers, maintenance technicians and engineers for many years. Unfortunately, key decision makers – managers, system designers and system integrators are quite often less well trained than others who are involved in the engineering. Many of the errors that can be seen in installations are traceable to fundamental decisions that were taken at the early stages of the project. For example, use of inappropriate fieldbus for an application, lack of awareness of maintenance and fault-finding facilities, over-complex or inappropriate system architecture, design decisions based on equipment purchasing cost rather than whole life-cycle costs, etc.

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