Certified OPC Professional (COP) designation

The Certified OPC Professional (COP) designation Certified OPC Professional Designation is awarded to those who successfully complete our training and who demonstrate proficiency with OPC technology, design architecture, and installations. It is only offered by the OPC Training Institute.

By standardizing OPC training and certification, OPCTI holds students to a high level of knowledge and applied skills. Our hands-on, progressive training will enable you to increase your efficiency, security, and productivity. In today’s highly competitive workforce, differentiate yourself and become an industry expert by earning the COP designation.

By becoming a Certified OPC Professional, you will become an industry leader in:

  • OPC Specifications (DA, HDA, A&E, UA, etc.)
  • Client/server architecture
  • OPC configuration
  • Eliminating DCOM problems
  • Diagnosing and debugging OPC systems
  • Solving OPC interoperability problems
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • OPC communication infrastructure architecture
  • OPC Unified Architecture fundamentals and practice
  • Advanced OPC integration projects


By investing in your Certified OPC Professional designation, you will benefit from:

  • Learning OPC theory and getting hands-on practice for published OPC standards
  • Positioning yourself as an expert and leader in your industry
  • Earning ongoing access to our OPC experts for personalized advice
  • Accumulating Professional Development hours
  • Demonstrating to your customers and colleagues that you use industry-respected best practices


Students receive a COP certificate with each level of training, and earn the full Certified OPC Professional (COP) designation upon completion of all four levels of training.

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